The Optima Contracts Methodology
Hercules Sandenbergh

1. Prelim design and proposal

2. Prototyping and verification of specification.

a. ​​General specification

b. Detail specification of specific items

c. Special notes.

a. A typical specification for selected finishes.

b. Special notes from the architect 

3. Site measurement and detail design.

a. Measurements for manufacturin

b. Indicate services and positions for drilling.​

4. Procurement, manufacturing, and delivery to site.

a. Detail design based on site measurements.

b. Procure material and manufacture.

c. Inspect manufactured material at the factory.

d. Assemble/ pack.

e. Inspection of lay down.

f. Inspection of installation site.

5. Installation defects correction and sectional completion

6. Protection of installation and support during defects liability period.

a.  Protection against dust, paint and mild impact, not wet works.​

7. Removal of protection and start of latent defects liability period 1 years.